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Quality Service

   1999- Elder Audio acquired ISO9001 approval. Through the quality management system, it regulated all aspects of the company,and made a strong guarantee to provide customers with qualified products.
2002- Elder Audio acquired CE approval with most products and entered into European market successfully.

2003-Elder Audio acquired China CCC Compulsive approval; it indicated that we made another bigger progress in quality standard.
2004-Elder Audio acquired approvals for UL/EK/PSA and so on, the products was distributed all over the world.
2006.1, Elder Audio introduced RoHS control system into the Quality Assurance System successfully. By strict product supply chain evaluation and supervision, also many RoHS compliance regulations,
Elder's products have entered into the Green Channel of European market. Through years development and customer's continuous requirements, our products have been given a good reputation all over the world, keep on improving the quality and meeting customer's requirements will be our constant main tasks in future. In 3G Audio Corporations, the quality is reflected through custom-made R&D, high level manufacturing process, comprehensive testing equipments. We hire international industry specialists to keep developing high quality products with advanced equipment technology, import CNC machine for manufacture with selecting latest materials, and strictly implement quality control process。

All finished products before leaving factory will be tested by below equipments:

Salty Spray Testing Machine
Testing purpose: To check product's anti-rusty ability
Simulate rusty environment to test products, and make sure the products can pass the anti-rusty testing under atrocious environment

To check if the product can still work under atrocious environments
Testing way: Simulate all kinds of climate, to test if the product has something wrong with performance, effect and function under high/low temperature and high/low humidity

DASS machine on production line
Testing purpose: Control product
consistency. Testing way: All finished products before packing must be tested by DAAS-L system, including frequency response, phrase response, impedance, harmonic distortion and so on to make sure the parameters are conformed to the design requirement. 。

Power test machine
Testing purpose:Check the product reliability
Testing way: amplifier aging test: According to IEC268-1 standard, total electric power capacity is 200KVA, to let the product work continuously under rated power, and run aging test strictly as design requirement.

Transducer Life testing machine
Test purpose: Check product reliability
Testing way: To make the transducers Full-loaded Work for 100 hours continuously through adjustable active filter, noise signal processor, power amplifier, to test the transducers' performance strictly. The product can't be defective after working 100 hours

Drop test
Test purpose: Evaluate reliability of product package and anti-destroy ability.
Test way: According to international standard, to fall bottom, side and corner and threes edges near the corner to ground from certain height.

Hanging testing equipment
Test purpose: To check the hanging safety
Test way: using over four times puling force to test the safety.


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